Are you ready to book your escape?

What Should I Know?

What Should I Expect?

You should expect to have fun in a challenging and entertaining game.

How Long Does It Last?

Each of our escape room experiences is designed to be escaped in under 60 mins. But plan for about 90 mins for your entire stay.

How many people does it take?

Groups as small as 2 can challenge any room, but we suggest at least 4 players per room. 8 is the maximum capacity for each room. Either way, the more the merrier.

I'm not ready to do this!

Every team that challenges our rooms has different talents that lead them to success. Come ready to be challenged, but remember to rely on the whole team.

Let's Party Then Head Over

Although our location is right in the heart of some of the best nightlife in Phoenix, we suggest to play first, then party after. In fact if you want, we will direct you to some of our favorite places, or even get you a special table if you ask.

How Do I Get There?

We are just north of the Central/Adams Light Rail stop. There is plenty of street parking located on Adams and Monroe. As well many parking garages conveniently located nearby.

The Pearled Pachyderm

Your team has been tasked with entering the study of eccentric world traveler Alexander Forsythe and relieving him of the Pearled Pachyderm. Nab the item and escape before being caught.

The Curse of Madame Lumina

It seemed like such a lovely place to put the dream coffee shop you have always wanted. The realtor just said it needed it a little love to bring it back to life. Little did you know it had a life of its own...

The Treasure of Captain Lockjaw

The Golden Skull gives whoever holds it the power to control the seven seas. Can you free it from the treasurehold of Captain Lockjaw before an approaching storm sinks the ship? (Up to 4 Players)

Beta Labs

The "Psychokinetilogical" test program at Beta Labs strives to test the limits of human patience, logical deduction, and teamwork. As a lucky candidate and potential survivor of the program, it's up to you to best the tests in Beta Labs. (Up to 4 Players)


Located in the heart of downtown Phoenix, there are many ways to get here and many reasons to stay


We suggest arriving here at least 15 mins early to cover the rules and get yourself ready for the experience. We do not accept late arrivals into the rooms so as not to disrupt the experience of those already playing. There is plenty of street parking available on Adams and Monroe, as well as 1st street. If you wish there is also garage parking and valet available at the many nearby hotels.(Renaissance being the closest)
If you have access to the Light Rail, it is by far the easiest way to get to our escape room. We are located just north of the Central/Adams LightRail Station.


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    We have many different packages to bring together your teams, whether they be corporate, sports teams, or parents groups. We believe that teamwork, makes the dream work.


    Our Escape Room workshops can bring teams together to reach goals in new and exciting ways.


    Working with leadership in your groups, we develop targeted team building activities with our escape rooms that discover the individual talents that make your team strong.

    Many Packages Available

    Each experience is customized for your group and will have your team talking about the fun and excitement they had while learning how to solve issues in a new way.


    Please feel free to contact us here with any questions you may have.